Moose Hill Farm
Address: 396 Moose Hill Street Sharon, MA, 02067
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About Us
A former award-winning dairy farm, 347-acre Moose Hill Farm was returned to livestock use in 2016 when we began grazing beef cattle, and raising hogs and laying hens on pasture. Today, Moose Hill Farm and nearby Powisset Farm are managed as an integrated livestock operation specializing in swine and egg production: raising and pasturing pigs and maintaining flocks of pastured laying hens, while continuing to seasonally graze beef. In addition, Moose Hill Farm serves as the logistical hub for our statewide meat CSA and inventory; most meat raised on Trustees farms passes through Moose at some point.

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We raise 100% grassfed beef as well as pastured eggs and pork. Our swine and poultry are seasonally pasture-raised, and fed supplemental locally-produced grain-based feeds. At present those feeds are not GMO-free, soy-free, or organic.

We only use antibiotics in the treatment of acute disease (no routine use).

We judiciously use medications for parasites as part of a holistic approach that emphasizes:
- supporting natural resistance to parasites in our livestock,
- preventing transmission and infection through management-intensive grazing practices;
- preventing parasites from developing resistance to medications.

With all medications, we routinely observe twice the required withdrawal period prior to slaughter to ensure clean, wholesome products.

Our soils are the foundation of our livestock program—we steward our pastures without synthetic fertilizers and focus on building soil health in both pastures and hayfields to capture carbon and enhance biological nutrient management. We use herbicides rarely and strategically to spot-treat invasive plant species in support of ecological goals.